May 2024


Gothic Remake - Collector's Edition and new screenshots

After almost one year of hiatus, I finally have more time - and motivation! - to pick up this little project and update it with some news. Well, the news in question is not that recent, but it is better than nothing. Right?

On April 25th, THQ Nordic unveiled the limited Gothic Remake Collector's Edition, now available for pre-order on the official website for PC, PlayStation and Xbox. It is not cheap, unless you consider cheap a price of 199.99 / 199.99 $ (or 169.99 ), and includes some interesting items.

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17/05/2024 | 16:48 | by Stryder


August 2023


Gothic Remake - new showcase trailer!

THQ Nordic released a few days ago a new Gothic trailer and by the looks of it this remake is steadily going in the right direction. While this isn't a gameplay video, the trailer shows in a cinematic kind of way a usual day in the life of the Old Camp... and it's exactly as we remember it!

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15/08/2023 | 18:28 | by Stryder


About me
Who am I?

Another good question...

I'm a PC gamer at heart, who fell in love with RPGs since I was a bit more than 10. Although I play various genres, such as RTS games and shooters, roleplaying games are what I could not go without.

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14/08/2023 | 11:15 | by Stryder


About RPGplayer
What is this website?

That's a good question...

RPGplayer is the result of my combined interest in both retrogaming and computer RPGs. I wanted to (re)create a space where fellow old-school gamers could gather around and where they could talk about their favourite genre, with a distinct late 90's - early 00's vibe.

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13/08/2023 | 19:00 | by Stryder


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