August 15th 2023


Gothic Remake - new showcase trailer!

THQ Nordic released a few days ago a new Gothic trailer and by the looks of it this remake is steadily going in the right direction. While this isn't a gameplay video, the trailer shows in a cinematic kind of way a usual day in the life of the Old Camp... and it's exactly as we remember it!

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15/08/2023 | 18:28 | by Stryder


August 14th 2023


About me
Who am I?

Another good question...

I'm a PC gamer at heart, who fell in love with RPGs since I was a bit more than 10. Although I play various genres, such as RTS games and shooters, roleplaying games are what I could not go without.

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14/08/2023 | 11:15 | by Stryder


August 13th 2023


About RPGplayer
What is this website?

That's a good question...

RPGplayer is the result of my combined interest in both retrogaming and computer RPGs. I wanted to (re)create a space where fellow old-school gamers could gather around and where they could talk about their favourite genre, with a distinct late 90's - early 00's vibe.

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13/08/2023 | 19:00 | by Stryder


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